Additional Resources and Reference Materials

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The Alma Project at Denver Public Schools
Bittersweet Harvest: The Bracero Program 1942-1964
Boulder County Latino History Program
Casa Mayan/ Auraria
Colorado Chicano Movement History Portal
Corky Gonzales
The Wonderful World of the Chicano Experience
El Movimiento at History Colorado - March/April 2015 issue
El Movimiento at History Colorado- Chicano Murals in Colorado
Hilos Culturales
Hispanic History Resources
Museo de las Americas
Smithsonian Latino Center
Su Teatro
DPL collections
When a Colorado governor declared martial law



SPMDTU Auraria.pdf
Con Safos (With Safety)



University of Colorado Boulder Ethnic Studies
University of Northern Colorado Hispanic Studies
Colorado State University Ethnic Studies
Metropolitan State University of Denver Chicano Center
CSU Pueblo
Santos collection at Regis U

Primary Sources

Bracero History Archive
Colorado Constitution
2002 Dream Act
Library of Congress Primary Documents
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo


Colorado Experience: Justicia y Libertad
La Raza de Colorado - El Movimiento
San Luis Range War
PBS Latino Americans
West High School Blowout
A Product of the Chicano Movement