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Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site

The National Parks Service, Bent's Old Fort

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And Denver Public Library

Rocky Mountain PBS and History Colorado present the Colorado Experience


On the Santa Fe Trail at Bent's Fort
Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site
On the Santa Fe Trail at Pecos National Historic Site


PDF Downloads

Educators Guide to Bent's Fort
Bent's Fort Teachers Resource Guide
Bent's Fort Map
Bent's Old Fort Brochure
Bent's Old Fort
Owl Woman
Colorado Mountain Men
Fur Traders Activity Sheet

Bent's Fort Trade Game (download all cards below)

Directions for Teachers
Cheyenne & Arapaho
New Mexico Traders
St Louis Traders

Reading Lists

Bent's Fort: History of the West Reading List #1 Reading List #2
Kansas Historical Society
Additional Reading Lists

Lesson Plans

Bent's Fort: Trade in Transition
Colorado Encyclopedia
The Sand Creek Massacre
Americans Move West: The Santa Fe Trail
Trading on the Santa Fe Trail
The Santa Fe Trail Traveling Trunk
Bent's Old Fort (ARS)
Class Develops Book About Bent's Fort

Website Links

National Park Service: Bent's Old Fort
Santa Fe Trail: Scenic and Historic Byway
Colorado Encyclopedia: Bent's Fort
Colorado Encyclopedia: Ninetenth-Century Trading Posts
Colorado Encyclopedia: The Fur Trade in Colorado
Colorado Encyclopedia: William Bent
Colorado Encyclopedia: Owl Woman
Colorado Encyclopedia: George Bent
William Bent: Frontiersman
PBS: William Bent
New Mexico History: Charles Bent
National Park Service: Sand Creek Massacre
National Park Service: George Bent & the Sand Creek Massacre
PBS: Sand Creek Massacre